Лазерная резка 1390

Basic Specification:

No. Description Parameter
1. Working area 900* 600mm 1300*900mm
2. Quantity of Laser heads 1 laser head
3. Laser power Reci laser tube
4. Laser type CO2 Sealed Reci laser tube , 10.6μm
5. Guide rail Original imported guide rail from Taiwan
6. Transmission Best Fulong belt transmission
7. Drive system Famous stepper motor and drivers
8. Mirror and lense Original imported from Singapore
9. Controlling system Best Chinese Ruida control system
10. Working table Aluminum blade working table
11. Up and down table No
12. Cooling system Water cooling, CW5000 water chiller
13. Auxiliary equipments Air pump, exhaust fan and air exhaust pipe
14. Other parts Red dot pointer
15. Compatible software CORELDRAW,PHOTOSHOP, AUTOCAD, TAJIMA, etc.
16. Graphic format supported DST, HPGL(PLT),JPEG,GIF, BMP ,DXF, DWG

, AI

17. Gross Power 1.6Kw
18. Working environment Temperature:0-45°C,Humidity 5-95%(No conden

sate water)

19. Engraving speed 0-600mm/s
20. Cutting speed 0-400mm/s
21. Highest scanning precision 4000DPI
22. Position accuracy ≤0.01mm
23. Reposition accuracy ≤0.005mm
24. Laser output control 0-100% set by software
25. Min. engraving size Chinese: 2.0mm*2.0mm, English letter: 1.0mm*


26. Power supply 220V,1 phase,50HZ

Детали машин:

Laser tube:

Laser head:


Imported focal len:

Mother board:

Ruida control panel:

Stepper motor:

Air pump:

Exhaust fan:

Blade working table:

Цены станок лазерная резка 1390:

Basic model.


1. рабочая зона 1300*900мм

2. Лазерная трубка марки EFR F4

3. Система управления Ruida

4. Охладитель воды CW5000

573.000 т.р
Normal model


1 рабочая зона 1300*900мм

2 Лазерная трубка марки EFR F6

3 Система управления Ruida

4 Охладитель воды CW5000

597.000 т.р
Best model


1. рабочая зона 1300*900мм

2. Лазерная трубка марки EFR F8

3. Система управления Ruida

4. Охладитель воды CW5200



640.500 т.р

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